Friday, August 04, 2006

Puritan Nazis, Fuck Off!!

I'm a binge drinker, it appears — because I might drink 3 pints in a sitting.

Heck, that's just a fun lunchtime's session, and I've gone on to do real work on afternoons like that. Indeed, I'm binge drinking now, being on my second tinnie of the evening!

Supposedly it might take as much as a year off my life — but like all of these things, you may not actually live any longer, just feel that way.

Honestly, what planet are these people on. Puking in the street, swearing at passers-by or getting into a bit of aggro from the drink, that's binge drinking. Dragging moderate social drinking into the same bracket just robs them of any little credibility they had left, and leaves their Stalinist puritanism naked to the eye.

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