Friday, January 12, 2007

Just die already

Some raghead has noticed that “that Muslims are about twice as likely to self report poor health and disability as the general population.” and “are predominantly congregated in the inner city slums, have the lowest household income, poorest educational attainment, and highest unemployment and experience more poverty than any other faith community.”.

It couldn't be to do with the fact that they cling to their pre-civic culture run by a manual on how to organize an arab bandit league, now, could it?

Why don't they just fuck off and die, if they're not willing to grow up and sideline their imaginary friend like the general run of other pie-in-the-sky types?

And then they have the gall to whine when asked to use alcohol based hand-cleansers when visiting hospitals, even though their mythical paedophile prophet only forbade getting lit up on date wine. Al-cohol, fuckers, the relatively far more enlightened Mohammedans of the 12th century CE discovered it, don't you know.

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